Valley of Decay is a 2D pixel-art multi-player Hack and Slay game.
You can not only choose from many different abilities to fight against monsters in hordes or single great creatures, you can also wear strong items with passive abilities themselves, which support specific other active abilities to support many different builds and playstyles.
There is also an auction house, where you can trade from self-found items extracted essences with other players. There is no currency, you can only trade with those. In addition, you can craft your own items with those essences, which you can then not only wear yourself, but they will also be contributed to the game database and other players can find your items themselves, being confronted with your signature.
To top it all off, there is a leaderboard, where the best players are listed. You get score for defeating shard bosses. Those creatures are summoned out of many different shards, that can be found randomly. The best thing of all, there are no limits to nothing, neither level, item strength, boss strength, nor level of the areas you may explore.
Join in and have fun!